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Do You Love Teaching?

We are looking for math and science teachers for classes 8, 9 and 10. We expect our teachers to enjoy their subject and reflect deeply about how they teach. We are willing to hire people from industry who wish to teach math and science for high school and are happy to work with us to become great teachers.

Our Highlights:

We provide a thoughtful and structured curriculum that caters to all boards.

We have excellent content including videos, practice tests and mock tests. We have excellent lab kits for students to support experiential learning.

We have a supportive peer group of teachers who are thinking about science and
exploring ways of teaching for many years.

Mother & Child Shooting Arrows
Recording Science Class

If you like children, like science and math, and if you believe you are a natural teacher, apply to Real Learning Center. You can work evening hours, teaching 4 hours per batch per week. You will earn money that will grow as you stay the course. You will also be part of a thriving and joyous community.

RLC Sample Videos

RLC Teaching Video

RLC Teaching Video

RLC Teaching Video
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Motion 2-Distance and Displacement

Motion 2-Distance and Displacement

Play Video
Numbers 1- Positive and negative numbers

Numbers 1- Positive and negative numbers

Play Video
Matter around us 4-States of matter

Matter around us 4-States of matter

Play Video

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  • Upload a 10-min teaching demo video link.  Add the video to your google-drive and share the video link in the form. While copying the link from google-drive select the option as "anyone with the link can view". (Refer the RLC teaching Video samples provided as a guideline)

  • If shortlisted, you will get a call for a short interview

We look forward to hearing from you.

Team RLC

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