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About Us

“RLC is India's first online school which focuses on simply teaching the concepts well using high quality teachers & learning videos, without merely being a test-prep tutorial”

Guruprasad Athani, Co-Founder



Real Learning Centre originated as a centre of learning for a chosen few in Bengaluru, Karnataka,India in the year 2011. It had humble beginnings where Guru along with his team of motivated teachers started picking students who were looking to learn subjects for the sake of understanding the concepts and being good at them. The parents of these students did not want their children to merely get good marks but excel in the understanding of these subjects. Under the guidance of the experts these students did exceptionally well and formed the first batch of enrolments for RLC. The enrolments slowly grew in number purely by word-of-mouth and it soon became evident that the capacities of the classroom was running out. is a result of this success story. The idea to go online was a natural extension for this team of dedicated teachers. They did not want to dilute the quality of education which they were providing by bringing in more teachers, just to fill the numbers. So they decided to extend the benefits of their hard work by starting this unique online school based on the same principles as the physical RLC. now seeks admission from children with a similar drive and with parents with similar motivations as the first batch of RLC.

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